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R.C.C. Spun Pipes also known as R.C.C. Hume Pipes was first Started Production in India by Walchanand Industries of Walchanand Groups by getting technical know-how from one Mr. Hume from England. Walchanand Industries registered this product with MRTPC, therefore they had total monopoly for manufacturing R.C.C. Pipes for many years other manufacturers started the production of this product from the year 1958 onwards and day by day the manufacturing technology was also updated from time to time. Bureau of Indian Standard also laid down the Specification and quality standards under I.S.458 for the Manufacture of R.C.C. Spun Pipes.

Founder of Shakti Spun Pipe Company

Shakti Spun Pipe Company was established in the year 1965 (24-10-1965) and the founder was Damji Narayan Patel. Company is a proprietorship firm which is the leading company engaged in manufacturing of RCC pipes and allied products the company's diversified yet complimentary product line is RCC collars, RCC Septic Tank, RCC Water tanks, etc.

These products contribute in development of agriculture, road development & city development civil work in and around Karnataka. The RCC spun pipe company was 1st started in India by Walchand industries who are pioneer in the manufacturing of Spun Pipes & allied products.Shakti Spun Pipe Company which was established in the year 1965 was only the 2nd company in India to start the manufacturing of these products after Walchand group of industries.

Company, has a turnover of over Rs. 6 Million and employees 17 persons  and it is committed to anticipating customer needs and responding fast which superior products and services and also in continued investment in discovery of safe and valuable product to enhance peoples life.


The Shakti Spun Pipe Company was founded in the year 1965, has been in existence for more than 35years, which played a significant role in the development of industry and its product.

Take a walk through history of SHAKTI SPUN PIPE COMPANY, which is proud of its rich heritage and the ways in which continued successful tradition today.

1965 Shakti Spun Pipe was Established and Started producing RCC Pipes.

1966 Became pioneer in supplying RCC pipes to various irrigation Projects.

1973 The company is proud to become part and partial of river Mallaprabha cannel construction project by supplying RCC pipes to this project.

1981 Leading Supplier of pipes to HDMC Drainage system.

1988 Supplied RCC Pipes to under bridges and culverts of various projects of PWD, Indian Railways, Shipping Ports, etc

1991 Successfully completed pipes supply to various development projects of L&T Ltd. TELECON (Tara pore and Co.), Water Board,

1998 Successfully supplied pipes to Karnataka Power Corporation Projects at Dandali and Ambika Nagar

2001 Successfully completed pipes supply to various telecoms underground cable work projects uninterruptedly for last 7years.

2003 Successfully completed pipes supply to 4lane NH4 project.

2005 Successfully completed pipes supply to Asian Brown Beveries Ltd for its underground electrical cabling project in Hubli & Dharwad

2008 Successfully completed pipes supply to TATA Motors Ltd. (Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. Ltd) Project at Bellur, Dharwad.

Founder of R.C.C. Pipes

The name Humes has been synonymous with quality engineered concrete products since 1910, when Walter Hume patented his invention for the manufacture of Steel Reinforced Concrete Pipe using the centrifugal spinning process. In 1920, The Hume Pipe Company was first floated on the local stock exchange with a nominal capital of about £500,000 and Walter as the managing director.

The Humes product range is diverse, and each is underpinned by rigorous scientific and engineering principles, focused and ongoing research and development activities and support from a wide range of professional engineers and scientists, many who are recognized as leaders in their chosen fields. The product range incorporates solutions for pipe and box culvert requirements, bridge and tunnel systems, a range of environmental products focused on storm water quality and the emerging water resource management sectors, building and communications products, products for the rail industry and a range of products for the rural sector.